Give back this Christmas

Give back to the forest with a Christmas tree. For only 120 CZK we will plant one Christmas tree for you helping restore our forests.

1 Christmas tree

Price 120 CZK

2 Christmas trees

Price 240 CZK

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About us

We are Oli and Martin and in 2020, together with our friends, we founded Zasaď život while still in college. We are a bunch of young nature enthusiasts who got tired of reading headlines about the sad state of our forests and decided to do something about it. Since we have always been close to nature we wanted to make a change and thus we started planting trees. Later we heard from many people that they were interested in helping out, and so our project was born, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the fight against climate change.

How does it work?

You want to save the planet, but you don’t know how? We will do it for you!







Where we plant

CHKO Blansko

CHKO Pálava

Who do we work with

Planting spring 2022

Frequently asked questions

Where and when do we plant trees?

We plant trees exclusively in cooperation with public forest owners such as cities, municipalities or the state. We also cooperate with Protected Landscape Areas (PLA) and National Nature Reserves (NPR). We work primarily with owners in Moravia, where the bark beetle calamity was the worst and where there is the greatest need for support. Trees are planted twice a year, in spring and autumn. The seedlings could freeze in winter and dry out again in summer.

What is included in the price of the tree?

The price of the tree includes:

  • Seedlings (10-90 CZK)
  • Used material (0-80 CZK)
  • Protection against game and other pests, including aftercare (0-60 CZK)
  • Organisation of planting (20 CZK)
  • Forest initiatives and PLA activities (30 CZK)
  • Overhead costs (5 CZK)

Compared to our competitors, we have higher costs as we only plant with public owners and in cooperation with the MPA, where funding is limited, and therefore provide everything around planting and aftercare. The final price depends on the type and size of the tree, the tools used, and also, for example, the materials needed for planting (fencing, stakes, etc.).

Why support us?

We are one of the first projects focusing on reforestation and support of Czech forests after bark beetle calamities, established in 2020.

After three years, we already have a lot of experience with planting in the Czech Republic. We pride ourselves on transparency and you can find out everything about the project, from where we plant and who we work with to what we get for each tree we buy.

Compared to our competitors, we are very particular about who we work with on plantings. We plant exclusively on public land owned by cities, towns, conservation areas or the state.

So you can be sure you are supporting plantings where they are really needed and not giving a free forest to a private individual.

We also try to plant mostly biologically important trees that are protected from logging. The trees you have planted may well be with us in 500 years' time.

What types of trees do we plant?

We generally plant deciduous and coniferous trees. The exact type of tree is determined by an expert based on an analysis of the natural conditions of the area and the decree.

We try to plant only biologically important trees that are protected from logging and may be with us even in 500 years.

How do you know that your tree has been planted?

When your tree is planted, you will receive an email from us with its coordinates and a photo so you know exactly where it is.

We will then send you updates every year to let you know how your tree is doing.

What will you receive for supporting our project?

For supporting our project you can look forward to:

  • coordinates and a photo of the trees you purchased so you can go see the forest you supported
  • a digital or physical certificate
  • an annual update email with updates and photos of how the trees are doing
  • the opportunity to participate in future planting events across the country
  • information about the projects you have supported in our cooperation with the MPA (winter feeding of wildlife, biodiversity support, forest cleaning, etc.)
What is the goal of the Christmas campaign?

The aim of the Christmas campaign is to help the public realize the impact that Christmas traditions can have on the environment. Among other things, we offer the opportunity to do a good deed for our nature!

Who are we and why do we do it?

Zasaď život is a sustainable project that aims to combat climate change and prevent deforestation in the Czech Republic. Among other things, it gives everyone the opportunity to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. We believe that together we can change our future. Learn more about our mission and values on our website

1 christmas tree

Price 120 CZK

2 christmas trees

Price 240 CZK



Price by number

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